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Exchange Rates

June 14, 2022

American Dollar 3.446 0.17%
Euro 3.594 -0.13%
Jordanian Dinar 4.860 0.17%
British Pound 4.172 -0.51%
Swiss Franc 3.466 0.12%
100 Japanese Yen 2.567 0.40%

Data courtesy of Bank of Israes

Tour Wadi Ara

Wadi Ara connects the north of Israel to its center, and has been an important road for centuries. Along the wadi there are many settlements, among them Umm al-Fahm, the second largest Arab city in Israel. Traditionally, the residents of the area made their living from agriculture, and many of them still live that way today. Anyone passing through the area, cannot but notice the many large olive groves growing along the road, and the many green areas.

In the wadi area there are many interesting sites, among them the Kalani'yot (Anemone) nature reserve, Iron forest, Mt. Iskander which rises above Umm al-Fahm to a height of 527 meters above sea level, Keini springs (wadi al-Haga), Tel Megido (an archeological site), and more. Visitors of Umm al-Fahm are encouraged to visit the interesting Umm al-Fahm art gallery.

Vistors to the area are welcomed to enjoy the large number of restaurants, which serve a variety of foods. In the area there also many open markets, the largest one is the Barta'a open market, locally known as "little China", opened daily. ‎‎Those who are looking for shopping centers, may visit the large shopping center of Gan Shemu'el, which contains dozens of restaurants and cafes.