Exchange Rates

September 27, 2021

American Dollar 3.204 0.09%
Euro 3.745 -0.27%
Jordanian Dinar 4.518 0.08%
British Pound 4.389 0.04%
Swiss Franc 3.451 -0.32%
100 Japanese Yen 2.888 -0.40%

Data courtesy of Bank of Israes

Recommended Websites

AlMuntada AlTakadumi association

AlMuntada AlTakadumi ("the progressive circle"). The association behind this site.

Schenim - Neighbors for Joint Development in the Galilee

("Neighbors") is a non-profit organization established in 2002 and made up of professional architects, urban and regional planners, engineers, environmentalists and mediators, Arabs and Jews, who have joined together to create a different planning reality in the region in which we live, the Galilee.

Jasmine, the Association of Businesswomen in Israel

Jasmine, the Association of Businesswomen in Israel, was established to realize the economic potential of Jewish and Arab businesswomen. The association’s centers around the country offer women professional courses, training sessions, business contacts and ventures to empower their businesses. Together, as an interorganizational coalition, Jasmine headquarters works to empower women in business and promote related legislation and policy.

Umm al-Fahm Art Gallery

A gallery for contemporary art in Umm al-Fahm.

The Open University


כל ההצעות ללימודים בישראל " אתר נרשמים"

פרויקט הדיגיטיזציה של ארכיון העיתונות הערבית בספריית גבעת חביבה עלה לאתר

פרויקט הדיגיטיזציה של ארכיון העיתונות הערבית בספריית גבעת חביבה עלה לאתר

Dahmash village

כפר לא מוכר. נמצא בין עיר לוד ורמלה. משמעות הדבר "כפר לא מוכר" היא שהתושבים לא מקבלים שירותים בסיסיים מהממסד

arabik medical dictionary

Haddad tourist village

Haddad tourist village lies 5 km south east Jenin city in the woods of Seb'in area, which is distinguished with its fresh air and fascinating landscapes. The village occupies 30.000 sq. meters.