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Exchange Rates

September 27, 2021

American Dollar 3.204 0.09%
Euro 3.745 -0.27%
Jordanian Dinar 4.518 0.08%
British Pound 4.389 0.04%
Swiss Franc 3.451 -0.32%
100 Japanese Yen 2.888 -0.40%

Data courtesy of Bank of Israes

AlMuntada AlTakadumi

Al Muntada Al Takadumi (the progressive circle) is a national association whose goals are:

  • To promote and empower the Arab community in Israel.
  • To encourage its growth as a tolerant, modern society.
  • To work against tribal and ethnic zealousness which threaten social solidarity within the Arab community.
  • The promotion of women in Arab society, partly by encouraging women to pursue education.
  • To promote tolerance and democracy in Israeli society.

The association acts through publicity and the initiation of projects. The latter are intended to invite community groups or individuals to participate in processes of change and education. Project participants may evolve to become agents of change in the community, in the focus areas of education, art and the eradication of crime. Some of the projects involve both Jews and Arabs, with the intention of establishing dialogue, collaboration and continuous acquaintance between the two communities, as well as creating opportunities for joint study - which had rarely occurred in recent years.

AlMuntada AlTakadumi website